Sunday, May 23, 2010


My son is heading off for an internship in Vegas. Car packed, check. Life size road atlas, check. Money from mom, dad, and grandma, check. Instructions from everything from how to drive 2,000 miles without getting a ticket to how to cook salmon on the grill...........I promised myself not to act TOO much like a mother whose youngest was leaving on his biggest adventure of his life. But, things kept popping out of my mouth like "Remember it's a desert out there, wear sunscreen". Then I'd remember he was old enough to know that! Then out popped "Remember to stay hydrated, it's a desert out there" and I had to physically hold my hand over my mouth to keep those words from popping out. But as I took his photo getting into his car, I saw his pure joy and I know that he will have a great adventure. "Remember, if you see Tiger Woods, just walk the other way!!!"


Lisa said...

Aw, that's sweet! How long will he be gone? Cristiana goes away for a week every summer and I can barely stand it!

Kathi Fly said...

He comes back the week before classes start the end of August.