Thursday, May 13, 2010


Exciting times at the Woodstock Library tonight during National Children's Book Week. We were the location for the kick-off of a new children's novel, THE CHOCOLATE HIDEAWAY - THE RIDDLE OF WALLACE. Brian Baer read the first chapter of Penelope Fieldstone's new book. Below are a few of the patrons on their way to the reading.

Caroline, one of the characters in the book, holds a lantern and leads the way into the meeting room where the reading will take place.....

And here is the new book!

Vicki is our Children's Coordinator and introduces Brian Baer, an actor who will be reading from the book.

Before the reading, Brian asks for volunteers to help him with a few riddles. He had a lot of volunteers and they did a great job and as you can tell from the photo, they had a great time too!

Brian reading from the book "The Chocolate Hideaway". He is a very talented actor and made you feel like you were a character in the book. I can't wait to read my copy tonight!

After the reading, children stand in line to receive a ticket for a chance to win a T-shirt or book.

Brian Baer and Woodstock Library's manager, Sue Stephens. Now, quickly go to Barnes & Noble and buy your copy, or go to the Woodstock Library and pick up a copy to read

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Lisa said...

What a great post! I bet it was a whole lot of fun! Your artwork looked fabulous!