Tuesday, May 18, 2010


What do you do with all of your recyclables? I've decided to make some paper mache figures for the Children's Library for the summer. The summer reading program theme is "Make a Splash" this year so I'm making a few of the more popular figures and putting them into a water theme. I think I'll put little floaties around Froggy's arms and some flippers on his feet. Below I gather my materials.............an old Tide container, toilet paper rolls, wallpaper paste, newspapers, masking tape, paper plates, etc.

I start by looking at the shapes of the materials and figuring out how to make Froggy out of a Tide container! I roll newspaper balls up for eyes, tape paper plates as lips, and tape the toilet paper rolls as arms.

I then tear newspaper up into small (somewhat) pieces and dip into the wallpaper paste. I start applying to the figure and keep adding newpaper balls where needed. The masking tape keeps things in place. It also helps to use a hair dryer to quickly dry the wet newspaper. Below, you can see his face developing.

Here he is so far with the first layer of paper mache applied. I will let him dry today and add arms and feet tomorrow. When he is dried, I will paint white gesso to completely cover the newspaper print and then paint with acrylics. I think these figures will add a touch of whimsy to the Children's area at the Woodstock Public Library. Come see us this summer and sign your kids up for the Summer Reading Program!

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Lisa said...

Kathi, you amaze me!! That frog is awesome!! The kids (and Moms) will LOVE these!!