Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Are you trying to save money? Are you trying to be green and save energy? Any way that you can raise the "R" value in your home can make a difference by adding insulation or in my case a Roman Shade. I am making a Warm Window shade to cover a large window in my master bath. The window has been a huge source of heat during the summer and cold during the winter. I found the Warm Window quilted fabric at JoAnn's. It comes in 48" and 60" widths. Below you can see that it is several layers thick, one of which is a mylar which reflects the sun's rays. The white duck fabric will be against the window pane.

The colors in my bath are taupe and pale turquoise. I found this textured cotton taupe fabric at JoAnn's on sale for $6.00/yd. I think it is perfect with my new tile.

Don't pay attention to the exercise equipment in the background. I really need to use it! Anyway, first, you cut the WW fabric the exact width of your window (add a little to the height to staple to a wood frame). Cut the top fabric 3" wider and 8" longer than the WW fabric. The bottom hem will be 4" rolled up and rolled up again. You will hem the sides with a 1/2" hem and turn inside out which will take up the 3".

I like to use a Walking Foot to secure the layers. Otherwise, the bottom layer may scrunch up. (Yes, that is a sewing term)

Below I have seamed the sides, and turned up the hem.

Next, you need to mark where you want to sew your rings. They are usually 12" apart and on every other row of the WW fabric stitching. I sew my rings on with the sewing machine using
the satin stitch setting and largest stitch length.

Sewing the rings onto the shade.

The fabric gets really bulky so you need to roll up the shade to sew the rings on and then flip it around and sew from the other end when it gets too bulky.

I'll post a finished photo when we hang it in the bath. I think the "R" rating of glass is somewhere around 1.8, but the Warm Window shade fabric "R" rating will be around 8. I can see the $$$ I'll be saving now!

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Lisa said...

I love the fabric! You are such a neat sewer...mine would not turn out as nice! Really pretty!!