Friday, April 23, 2010


I joined my Atlanta Plein Air Painters group today at Glenridge Hall for a day of painting. To tell you the truth, I was not looking forward to driving on 575, then 75, then 285 then 400 to Abernathy Road. The only thing pushing me on was the memory from last year of the beautiful gardens and Gatsby-like mansion. As I drove down the long gravel drive and saw the house again I was so glad I had made the effort. I parked my watercolors near the porch. The owners allow us to eat lunch on their porch with it's vintage wicker.

This view is of the back of the mansion looking up from the azalea garden. This is just one of the three wings of the house.

Further around the backyard, there is a gazebo with a huge chess set. It always reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

One of my friends, Inez, just turned 91 this year. She paints with us on most of our outings. I hope I'm doing half as well as she is when I'm 91!

The statues, pottery and iron benches are so beautiful on this estate. They must have been dog lovers because there are several dog statues.

And this is the porch where we have lunch and the section I painted.

Standing in the backyard you'd swear you were in the Great Gatsby!

Love this turquoise rose trellis!

There is a steep hill that is landscaped in the back and covered with flowers! It is stunning.

.....some of the azaleas blooming this year. I meant to take some photos of the wild azaleas, but there was SO much to see that I completely forgot!

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Lisa said...

You had a beautiful day for painting!! You're right, the grounds DOES look like The Great Gatsby! I can't wait to see what you painted!