Thursday, April 8, 2010


I had a wonderful visit with my daughter who lives and works in Auburn, AL. We visited with friends, walked the campus, attended "LOST" night, strolled through some of Auburn's really cool shops including The Gnu's Room and Mama Mocha's Coffee Beanery owned by her friend, Sarah Barnett. Below is a shot of the front of The Gnu's Room which is a coffee shop and used book store. (Zach's bike)

This is Sarah, (Say-Ra), from Gadsden, AL and she REALLY is Wonder Woman. She amazes and dazzles with knowledge of coffee beans, roasting, chemistry, and her love of coffee and determination to teach others about coffee and the people who actually grow the beans.

Here are just a few of the blends that Sarah offers. She roasts all of her own beans, blends and concocts her own formulas. I brought home some DECAF Sumatra Mandheling (Earthy-Leather Notes-Spicy Finish) and some Rwanda Rwabisindau (Smoky-Floral-Tobacco Notes).

The Gnus' Room is a gathering place for students and professionals, free wi-fi, good friends, and a great cup of coffee make the morning fly by! Below is one of my Coffee Cozies - which just happens to color coordinate with Sarah's cups! You can see the books in the background along with a patron on her computer. Don't you just want to drive over there right now and get a cup of coffee and open up your laptop? I do!

In the back of The Gnu's Room is Sarah's specially designed and custom made coffee roaster where she creates her magic.

Coffee beans that Sarah orders from around the world making sure the coffee growers get a fair trade value.

Sarah's mother hand painted the Zebra ceiling tiles. They are VERY cool!

Mama Mocha's sells local artwork along with The Gnu's Room's used books...............

This a view looking towards the front of the coffee shop from the roasting room. If you're ever in Auburn or driving down 85 to the beach, stop off exit 51 and go to Mama Mocha's on Gay street. It is next door to Amsterdam's. Phone 256-452-3534 if you want to order some of Sarah's amazing coffee, send her an email at or check out the website at

I HAVE to include a photo of Boondock, my daughter's shelter cat that she rescued a few years ago. Isn't he beautiful!

.......and a photo of Samford Hall on the Auburn campus.
Stay tuned for my Part Deux of my Auburn trip!


Lisa said...

What a place!!! I would LOVE to go there! Your coffee cozy looks great!

Becky said...

I would love to go there! What fun.

Boondock is gorgeous!