Sunday, November 22, 2009


Christmas in November! The decorations are out on the shelves, tempting reds, golds, silver, turquoise and pink. Glitter, mercury glass, beaded branches, shiny ornaments, and of course nutcrackers.

I saw this gorgeous hot pink vase at Home Goods.

Mercury glass candlesticks at Home Goods. I may have to go back and get some of these.

I've always loved nutcrackers. These were all lined up and ready to guard your mantle. I saw these at JoAnn's. These were about 36"-40" tall.

I love these little guys. They were about 15" tall and had deep purple uniforms.

I love the shelves crammed full of shiny decorations!

Isn't this purple glittered deer adorable?

And I found this turquoise mercury glass vase at a local antique mall. I think this one is calling me!

Love the silver bells. Cute on the front door?

Looks like this season's colors are blue, blue, blue and silver!


Lisa said...

love those mercury glass candlesticks! Where's Home Goods?

Becky said...

Oh wow! I hate how early the stores put out the Christmas stuff but dang it does get one in the spirit, doesn't it? Or at least moving in that direction.

I'm digging that mercury glass too. Did you buy the teal blue ones?