Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I love Halloween decorations and have passed by some really creative ones in the neighborhood. This house is so impressive from the street! There are several things going on but what catches my attention first is the pair of eyes in the garage windows. From the street it looks like a huge boogie man looking at you through the window.

This scary guy is also hanging in the yard by this same house. It is a little deceiving in the photo because the face is huge......about 24 " high. It sort of flaps in the wind and looks like it follows you. I can just imagine some trick or treaters looking up and dropping thier candy bag when they see this guy!

This was a nice display.........notice the hands lining the walkway!

And this was very realistic looking hanging in a side tree of this house. At first the face looked like Homer Simpson!

This was a really cute display of a family of ghosts made out of netting.

These little ghosts were a surprise in a side yard just hanging out!

The leaves were beautiful today. The leaves were brilliant gold and are probably at their peak this week in Atlanta.

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Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh my what amazing decorations! All I have outside are a $5 scarecrow and a "trick or treat" lawn sign.

Some of these would scare me to death, though. Yikes -- that giant spooky face? EEEEK.

PS The post about your grandmother's mother's blouse -- wonderful. Perhaps you should consult a textile conservator as to how to best preserve the blouse; natural fibers are so fragile as they age. We had a family christening gown of silk that finally just disintegrated after 90 years and dozens of babies.