Sunday, October 18, 2009


Georgia Tech played Virginia Tech for Homecoming tonight. We started out at my son's fraternity house. They smoked a pig all night and had a huge feast for all of the parents, alumni and brothers. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony to dedicate their new fraternity house. Then off to the game..............

This is Bobby Dodd Way in front of the stadium filled with fans before the game.
Tech fans cheering for the Yellow Jackets.
Tech is looking pretty good. Since we were surrounded by Virginia Tech fans in the stadium, it was really fun!
Tech comes away with a win. The fans go wild. VA Tech fans leave early!
Fans start pouring over the rails after the game.
ALL of the students jump over the walls and fill the field cheering with the players.

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Lisa said...

I saw the end of this game...I couldn't believe everyone bombarded into the field!! Love the frat house--sounds like a great time!