Sunday, September 6, 2009


Walls of "Tiffany Blue" need a black and white photo of the Tiffany & Co building in New York. I decided to print a few 8 x 10 prints of photos I took in New York, put them in black frames from Target and hang them in my newly painted laundry room. Tiffany & Co is located on Fifth Avenue and 57th Street and opened at this location in 1940. The facade is limestone, marble and polished granite and has a nine foot statue of Atlas holding the famous four foot wide clock on his shoulders. This clock was originally located at it's Broadway location in 1853. It was the first air conditioned building in New York City.

The middle photo is "Patience" the lion who guards the New York Public Library. He sits on the left and "Fortitude" his companion, sits on the right. While we were in NYC, we toured the library. They were restoring much of the exterior including "Fortitude". The black and white photo on the right was taken at the top of Rockefeller Center called "Top of the Rock". I was looking north toward Central Park. You can see how vast the park is along with the Upper West Side. Click on the photos to see a larger version.

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Lisa said...

Very cool, Kathi! I love it!