Sunday, September 6, 2009


We decided to drive over to the Decatur Book Festival this afternoon. It covered several blocks of downtown Decatur.

No book festival would be complete without books! This cute little girl had just bought a book, sat down on the curb and started to read!

And you couldn't have a festival without Funnel cakes!

As a child I remember my mother taking me and my brother to the Decatur Public Library. I remember parts of the interior and walls and walls filled with books. Our special treat after we picked out our books would be to play on the giant magnolia trees out front.
They are just as I remembered them! The branches were huge and reaching down to the ground just waiting for a little boy or girl to climb on them. Brings back great memories.

Downtown Decatur Courthouse.

We stopped at SIAM restaurant for some Thai food.

We saw several authors, one was on the Children's Stage singing a book and next to him was an artist painting pictures that are in the book. All of the kids in the audience were singing along and looking at their books.

Can't go to a festival without getting some Kettle Corn.

This dinosaur was the main character of the festival.

These little girls were reading their new books in front of the main stage where a concert was going on behind them. I think this is my favorite photo!

What a great way to watch a concert..........on your grandfather's shoulders.

.......or sliding down the bannister.......

or laying on your tummy! It was a great festival. Look for it next Labor Day weekend. It is worth the drive to Decatur.


Lisa said...

I love this post! Looks like a lot of fun!

Maggi said...

What fun! Two of my favorite things, books and funnel cakes! lol