Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We are under water here in Atlanta. We had over 20" of rain Sunday night and Monday during the day! No, that is not a river in the photo, it is our main road in Towne Lake completely flooded. In the far background you can see the overpass for I-575, which was closed for 11 miles in both directions. Many neighborhoods and apartment complexes were completely under water all over metro Atlanta. I am so sorry for those that lost so much, especially the people who had family members die in the flood.

Yesterday it was so difficult to travel in Atlanta because of all of the road closings. It took me an hour and a half to get home from work the night before. On my day off, I decided to stay home and do a little baking.........yummy banana bread! I always look forward to baking in the Fall. Can't you just smell it?

My son and I cooked Curry Chicken. We sauteed vegetables, chicken and added fish sauce, coconut milk, green curry and masman curry. It was delicious.

Today, the sun finally came out. It looked so pretty illuminating my Thai Basil. It is so good to see the sun again. Natures does combine lovely colors, doesn't she? Now let's hope things will dry out around here. Just a few years ago we were in a drought and praying for rain!


Lisa said...

These are great photos, Kathi. I bet that curry chicken and banana bread were delicious!

Kelly said...

The chicken curry looks so good! How was it?

Maureen said...

First I hope you are all safe. The second things that comes to mind, "you have to watch what you wish for". My wish is safety for all of you in Georgia. Bless you.