Monday, August 31, 2009


Watch out for the WHITE MARKED TUSSOCK MOTH CATERPILLAR because it will sting you and make your hand swell like a jellyfish sting! I know, because I was stung while trimming my crepe myrtle. They have little fine hairs projecting from the little white tufts on their back. I don't see a stinger, so I guess the venom comes from the fine hairs. Believe me, IT HURTS!

Later, this little guy landed on a marigold on my deck. Love the patterns of his wings!
Here are a few photos of my son's cats. I'm usually not a cat person, but they are very cute!

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Barb said...

Good morning Kathi,

sorry i did not get back here sooner.
appreciate that you came to visit. mystery 'thing' revealed now.

blessings on your week.
barbara jean