Saturday, August 15, 2009

My 2 loves at 8

While cleaning out the basement yesterday I came across my old Barbies. I loved my Barbie! I dyed her hair, cut her hair, pierced her ears, made clothes and houses for her and her friends. She was a big part of my life at 8 years old. So were the Beatles! In 1963 when the Beatles arrived I was 8 years old. My friends and I would swing and sing Beatles songs........She Loves You Yea, Yea, Yea......I Want to Hold Your Hand...........we even started a little band of our own called The Pickles. My dad made me a guitar out of a cigar box, wooden thread spool and fishing line. We would perform for the neighbors on the concrete patio. It was a great time. Well, tonight I get to cross off one item on my bucket list...............we're going to see Paul McCartney at Piedmont Park!!! I've waited to see him since 1963!

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Lisa said...

What fun! Love the Barbies. You have to tell Linda about seeing Paul McCartney. I think she likes the Beatles???