Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is a view from Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center), 67 stories high looking downtown towards the Empire State Building and the financial district.
Rockefeller Center ice skating rink turns into a restaurant during the summer months.
Lights at St. Patrick's Cathedral.
We saw so many cute little girls squealing and jumping up and down in front of the American Girl Doll store that we had to go in and see for ourselves. It was cute and I snapped a photo of these little girls holding their dolls.
Hot pretzels! One of the thousands of kiosks selling hot pretzels on the corners of NYC. Can you smell them?
After Rockefeller Center, we decided to walk down to Times Square. On the way we passed the New York Public Library. The outside of the building was having extensive renovation and repairs but I managed to snap a photo of one of the lions out front.
Times Square with it's colors, patterns, vibrancy and excitement of the city.

Ground Zero. As we walked passed Ground Zero we came upon Ladder House 10 where so many of the brave firefighters died on 9/11. This truck was pulling back in to the station. You can see the flag on front and the names of the men who died painted on the side. I didn't realize it at the time, but this Ladder House is directly across from Ground Zero.....about 25 feet away. I can just imagine all of the first responders just running across the street to help!
One of the cranes at Ground Zero building the new memorial to 9/11.
This is one of the pews in St. John's, the church directly behind Ground Zero where so many rescuers took their breaks. There are many reminders from 9/11 like this fireman's suit that still remain in the chapel including scuffs on the pews from their boots that they decided not to repair.
This is the interior of St. John's with a sign still hanging from the people of Oklahoma offering encouragement.

This is a collection of beautifully colored origami cranes made by school children in Japan to cheer the people of NYC. There were thousands of these cranes hanging! It was a very solemn and awesome site!