Friday, July 24, 2009


If you're from Atlanta you know the Big Chicken. It is used for directions, "Turn left at the Big Chicken", "Go past the Big Chicken and hang a right", "If you go past the Big Chicken you've gone too far" etc. It's a huge structure that identifies Marietta, Ga. and has eyes that roll around and a beak that opens and closes. It's one of THE landmarks of Atlanta! I saw a copy of "My Trip to the Big Chicken" at our library and realized that one of our patrons actually wrote the book. It is very cute and tells the story of a little girl and her first trip to the Big Chicken. Well, my great-niece turns 3 tomorrow and I bought the book for her along with a cute chicken Webkinz. Her grandmother is from Marietta and her great grandfather was the mayor of Marietta many years ago. In fact, there is a bridge named after him off of Atlanta St. named the Dick Hunter bridge. If you get a chance check out the book at your local library or pick up a copy of your own. The author is Sherry L Lewis.