Sunday, May 24, 2009

Inez's Garden

Friday, our local group of artists painted at Inez's house in Roswell.  She has such lovely gardens filled with ferns, geraniums, hydrangeas and wildflowers.  The gardens have a Japanese feel with a beautiful little bridge over the creek.  She told me that she designed the bridge after a trip to Alaska.  She had seen interesting boats in a local museum there and made a mental note of how they scored the wood to make it curve.  I have included a close up of the detail above.  Since she is 90 she doesn't get out and do a lot of the heavy work anymore.  I did see some begonias that had recently been planted!  We had such a nice relaxing time sitting and painting in her gardens.  I commented on the little statue and she told me it is called a "Moonwatcher".  Love it!  I started a watercolor of the bridge and plan to so several more.