Saturday, August 24, 2013


Guess I'm a glutton for punishment...............

This is the second Amy Butler Weekender Bag that I have made.  Let me tell you, THIS one came together SO much easier than the first!  I didn't bend any pins, didn't stick myself, didn't break any needles and didn't have to rip out or restitch any areas!  I like the look of the fabric collage I have seen on several websites, but I didn't want to "quilt" mine. I went with the "collage" look but still used the Peltex and interfacing.  I did make a couple of changes to this one.  First I added 4" to each strap so my daughter can slip the straps easily on her shoulders.  I see where some people have made the straps wider.  Instead of cutting the fabric 3" wide, I cut mine 3 1/2" wide.  Just a little bit wider, but still in scale with the rest of the bag.  I used 5/32" cotton piping. It was a lot easier to manipulate.   I used the correct weight interfacing for the zipper area which made it 100% easier to put together!  Last time I used a heavyweight interfacing.  I haven't added the lining yet, I'll post pics when I'm completely finished. (That's my least favorite part.)  All in all, this was a very enjoyable project and I hope my daughter likes it!