Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Saige, the 2013 American Girl Doll of the year, loves art.  She paints with her grandmother in her studio everyday after school.  When her school loses funding for their art teacher, Saige comes up with a plan to fund an after school art program.  American Girl has an "art package" you can purchase for Saige which includes and easel, paints, brushes, a few canvases and palatte.  But, it doesn't include an artist's smock.  I decided to make one today.  The one I made has a pocket on the front with two separate areas.  It ties behind her neck and waist.  Check it out..............

I found the miniature watercolor set at Party City in their birthday party section.  You can buy a bag full of these sets for a few $$$.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


     Here is another pair of Skinny Jeans I made from a Liberty Jane pattern.  I found the denim with spandex at Joann's.  This pattern is so much fun to stitch up and fits the American Girl dolls perfectly!  It has 4 working pockets, top stitching, faux front zipper and an elastic waist.  Below check out the flip flops I made from craft foam and duct tape!

Friday, April 26, 2013


     Our library (Hickory Flat Library part of the Sequoyah Regional Library System, near Atlanta, Georgia) hosted a Rainbow Magic Fairy Party Wednesday to promote a new series of children's books.  Little girls love reading about the escapades of these little fairies and the books are flying off the shelves.  Our meeting room was soon filled with little fairies, dressed as their favorite Rainbow Magic Fairy.  Some came with their faces painted, even little baby sisters had fairy wings along with a few moms and grandmothers!!

     We decided to include 3 crafts, a few games including Pin the Wand on the Fairy, a Trivia Game, Crossword puzzle,  various coloring sheets and dot to dots.  We decorated the tables with tableclothes from the Dollar Store and draped glittered tulle around the edges.  We gathered old prom dresses we had at home and decorated the walls.  Not to mention the fabulous refreshments provided by a local cupcake maker who made cupcakes with "Nerds" on top.  We served Mango punch, cupcakes and cookies with pink and yellow chips.  The fairies were so well behaved and had a wonderful time!

Enjoy the photos...........and check out the Rainbow Magic Fairies series.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


A couple of years ago I made Compass Necklaces to help promote our library's summer reading program.  This year's theme is DIG INTO READING for the children's program and I thought I'd make Dinosaur Necklaces.  I found a pack of assorted dinosaurs at our Dollar Store.  Score! They are about 2" in length.  I spray painted them with a shiny silver (in my garage), strung with cording (in my craft room) and added some fun beads (in my craft room, originally from Walmart).  I'll take the bowl of beads and let all of my co-workers make their own necklace.  Instant bling and a fun way to promote reading for our summer reading program.  


Saige, the 2013 American Girl Doll of the year, is modeling a new pair of "Skinny Jeans" that I made out of stretchy jean material.  They fit her perfectly, have double stitching around the pockets and legs and have 4 working pockets just like real jeans!  The elastic in the waistline help little hands pull the jeans up and on.  Now, off to make a cute little top for Saige.

Monday, April 15, 2013


We're having a Fairy Party at our library!

A Rainbow Magic Fairy Party!

Those books are flying off the shelves, so we thought it would be fun to have a party with crafts, games, refreshments, Pin the Wand on the Fairy, to celebrate the joy of reading and fairies.  Every little girl likes fairies!

Below is a sign I made to advertise our Fairy Party.  One can never use too much glitter.  

Below is one of the little crafts we will make from wood craft sticks, tulle, plastic flowers, paint or markers, and glitter wings.  We will also make Fairy Houses out of recycled plastic containers.  My favorite is a POM container.  I will cut out the doors and windows and let the kids decorate with markers, stickers and plastic flowers.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I'm working on a "photo booth" dinosaur set for our library's summer reading program.  The theme is Dig Into Reading. I gathered a bunch of inspiration from Pinterest and composed this painting on a washing machine cardboard box.  I will cut out the ovals for the kids to put their faces through and finish painting the background.  Right now I have it taped on my wall so I can paint and stand back to look at it.  When finished, it will stand about 4 feet tall. I can't wait to see the little kids poking their heads through!!!  

Below is the finished painting.  I just need to cut out the oval openings for the kiddos to stick their heads through.  

Amie Freling Brown of  Meme Hill Studio was so nice to give me permission to copy her dinosaur head from one of her murals.  I loved that her dinosaur looked so sweet and friendly.  Check out her fabulous murals on her website here.